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Our Unique Product In Development Phase 
" Trust Meter "

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Trust Meter Is Coming Soon !

Trust Meter 

Kindly go through the above details. 
And let us know if you are interested to join our core team.  

Product name - ( Trust Meter )
An app which will indicate the human intention and help individuals to take decisions to trust someone. Human past records and reviews will be monetize. etc etc. 
As it will be a big application, 
Developers who handle complex logic will be considered on priority. 

Point 1 --
It is pure business partner opportunity. 
It is not a job opportunity. 
Minimum 2 Hours a day, 5 days a week availability commitment is needed to proceed. 

Point 2 --
We have decided the deadline for the project. 
That is 31st Dec 2025


Point 3 --
The company will not pay any salary as it's not a job. 
But, You will get 1% to 2% Equity share profit. Which may be more bigger than salary you ever earned. As product will be launched globally with good revenue options. 


Point 4 --
We are looking for talented people with good heart. 
Who wants to work for people good living, creating good society along with humanity improvement applications.
In short, people who want to make the world a beautiful place to live !


Point 5 --
We assure 1% to 2% Project equity to each individual developer partner after product launch. Percentage of profit will be decided on his or her role in the project. 
A legal digital signature agreement will be made to confirm the commitment from company side. 


Point 6 --
Only 10 Core Sr Technical members will be involved in the team.

2 Full Stack Developer

1 UI/UX Designer 
2 React Native
2 Node Js / Python - Ai
2 Cloud Database

1 Sr Software Tester

You may be one of them if Selected !

Hope you are clear about the business opportunity. 

Our Vision is clear as we have clear idea about what we are planning to develop. 

Our small steps will create a big change in the world. 

Let's connect to work for humanity with technology !

If Interested, Kindly Connect authorized person : Mr. Vishal S. Mali

Linked In                     :

Phone / Whats App   :    +91 8669018889

For Investors :

We are open for investors. Investment range :  Approx. 50K - 100K USD.
People who have good funds with good technical background and are planning to invest in big visionary startups in India. We will give you best equity options and will take you into the management team with all co-founders features.

Let’s Work Together
In a Team.

Open for,
International Investor
across Globe......

Thanks for submitting!

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